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So... many ways you can do with our Green curries!

1.  Follow our directions to make the delicious Thai curries.

2. Add to any meal to make Thai Fusion dishes.

3. Add to any meal as a condiments; it will add another zesty and tasty to your meal.

Green curry (Thai: แกงเขียวหวาน= kaeng kiew wahn], 
What makes Thai green curry stand out from other curries (and what gives it its green hue) is the use of fresh green chilies to make the curry paste that seasons the dish. (Most other curries use dried chilies.)

Green curry will warm you up inside and out on cold winter nights and make you satisfy and delicious on the warm day.

The authentic taste of Surisa Thai Green Curry will make you enjoy cooking and having delicious meal every day. 

Fast, easy and delicious is our concept. Simply, just follow our 4 steps. Then you will make an authentic delicious Thaifood without going to cooking school or living in Thailand. 

We use the same healthy, natural ingredients that make Thai food famous for its zest and health benefits.

Our natural blends of herbs and spices include lemongrass, dried chili, garlic, shallot, galanga, and more. Even the salt is quality Himalayan salt, with brown sugar for sweetness.

Now you can make genuine Thai food in your own kitchen, and get it right every time, Enjoy the rich flavor and natural goodness bursting from every spoonful of Surisa Thai.

Try it out and share your experience. We'd love to get your feedback.

Ingredients :

Green Curry Paste (Green chili, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, salt, galanga, shrimp paste, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed, pepper, cumin, turmeric), Dark Brown Sugar,  Fish Sauce (anchovy extract, water, salt & sugar), Himalayan Pink Salt, Citric Acid.

Ingredients for Green Curry:

1  can (13.5 oz)     Coconut milk

2  tablespoons        Surisa Green curry paste

1 cup                    bite size meat

1-2 cups                double dice size Tofu (alternative)

2 cups                   vegetables (crisp vegetables are better) 

1 handful               Thai basil leaves (optional)





1).  Pour 1 can of coconut milk in 6/10 heat

2). Add 2 tbsp of Surisa Thai Green curry paste, stir untill mix well

3). Toss in 1 cup of bite size meat or double dice size tofu, reboil

4. when meat is nearly done, toss in 2 cups vegetables (harder vegetables are better) cook 2-3 min (half cook veggies), Adjust to taste,

- Serve with rice

OPTIONAL :  before serving

- Add 1/2 cup of water for lighter taste.

- Garnish with Thai Basil leave (if have) ,

- Add  grounded chili (for spicier taste) 

Suggestion: Create your own fusion: By adding to any meal. 

                 Example - Asian meals = Fried rice, Stirfry meat/vegetable, Soup. Grilled.

                 Example - American and other meals = pasta, pizza, hot dog, burger, grilled, fried & etc.,

                 It will add special flavor, extra zip and healthy spice to every meal.




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