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Surisa Thai

It started from the kitchens!

From one kitchen to another.

For several years, Surisa Richardson taught Thai cooking lessons to clients in their own kitchens.


By visiting a multitude of American homes and spending countless hours discussing the magic of Thai cuisine with clients, she gained key insights into their interests and perspectives.


Many people love Thai food and want to make it at home, but are intimidated by the complexity and the wide variety of Thai ingredients. They may enjoy the Americanized version of Thai food served at many restaurants, but given the chance they prefer the genuine experience of the authentic Thai cuisine that Surisa grew up making.

Surisa was determined to bring the healthy and delicious splendor of genuine Thai food to American homes, where people could make their favorite Thai dishes without having to master complicated techniques or figure out what combination of spices, sauces and pastes to use.

While she was developing the perfect recipes, she created the Thai Hotburger and was a finalist in the Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur in Indianapolis competition.


Now, her exclusive line of Surisa Thai products make it easy for everyone to make authentic Thai food at home.


About Surisa


Surisa was born in Thailand and,

like many Thai children, learned to cook as soon as she was tall enough to reach the stovetop. When she came to the United States as an adult, she carried with her a love of Thai food and a mission to promote appreciation for her native cuisine in her adopted country. She learned to adjust to the American kitchen, and as a working woman she developed techniques to achieve the rich and savory flavors of genuine Thai food in an efficient and timesaving fashion.For several years, 

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