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So... many ways you can do with our curries!

1.  Follow our directions to make the delicious Thai curries.

2. Add to any meal to make Thai Fusion dishes.

3. Add to any meal as a condiments; it will add another zesty and tasty to your meal.

just one and done2.png
3 products.png

4 simple steps ; - Just add coconut milk with your favorite meat/tofu and vegetables.

Perfect Thai, every time!

Make every meal fast, healthy and delicious!

No matter who you are -- students, parents, mom, dad, teachers, managers, professionals, chef, top chef or even Thai people!

It's easy to use our curry pastes to cook genuine Thai food in just 4 simple steps. 

You may even enjoy creating your own dishes! 

There's no rule and no limit to what can you do. 

Mix our curry pastes in all your favorite foods, to add special flavor, extra zip and healthy spice to every meal.

Why Surisa Thai?

Thai cuisine is world-famous for being both delicious and also very healthy. Its spices and superfood ingredients work together to give your immune system the boost it needs to fight inflammation and promote fast metabolism for a healthy body.

Thai food is getting more & more popular in United States. However, it still a challenge for many Americans to cook authentic Thai food. There are so many specialty ingredients and cooking secrets to do it right. 

Good news! Surisa Thai combines all the perfect ingredients into one convenient package. It's so easy that even a high school kid can do it. You can enjoy the Thai food you love and amaze your friends and family, right at home.

We use the same healthy, natural ingredients that make Thai food famous for its zest and health benefits.

Our natural blends of herbs and spices include lemongrass, dried chili, garlic, shallot, galanga, and more. Even the salt is quality Himalayan salt, with brown sugar for sweetness.

Now you can make genuine Thai food in your own kitchen, and get it right every time, Enjoy the rich flavor and natural goodness bursting from every spoonful of Surisa Thai.

Try it out and share your experience. We'd love to get your feedback.

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Surisa Thai Curries are not just to make curries

but you can add our curries to any meal

It will add special flavor, zesty, tasty and healthiness.

Here are the samples of food that Surisa Thai curries can do. 

- Simply, Just add Surisa Thai curry paste to your meal, no salt, nor other ingredient to it.

Recipes are on the way

In the mean time, if you tried it. please Let us know how you like it,  

by sending us email : 

Add our curry to a burger 

Add our curry to Steak

Add our curry to a Pizza

Surisa Thai curry Steak
Red curry pizza.jpg

Add our curry to pasta

Pasta curry.JPG

Add our curry to Fried Rice


Add our curry to any stir-fry

Green curry with pasta

Seafood red curry
stirfried curry

Chicken Curry with squash

Red-curry with squash

Add our curry to stir-fry with Noodle

Red curry peanut noodle.jpg

Green curry with noodle

Green curry noodle_edited.jpg

Green curry pasta with steak

Green curry Pasta with beef.jpg

Green curry fried rice

Green curry fried rice.png

Beef massaman

Massaman beef curry

And of course, Red Curry

Duck curry

Red curry with chicken
Duck curry

Green curry

Green curry3.jpg

Massaman curry

Massaman Chicken curry
Thai spices
What our customers say...

“I can't believe I can make Thaifood

so easy and delicious!

thank you Surisa Thaifood!

I have been trying to cook Thaifood with so many brands

but yours is the best!

simple, authentic and delicious”

Melisa Jones.

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